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Re-Upholstery around Templestowe

Templestowe, situated 17 km north-east from Melbourne’s CBD, is a blend of spacious parkland and modern shopping centres. Also home to Petty’s Orchards, a family run farm where you can buy organic and locally grown fruit for a great price. Housing in and around Templestowe is a mix of impressive mansions and great modern townhouses. Whether your looking for a timeless piece of furniture for your mansion or a new look for your townhouse, Edgeworks Upholstery's re-upholstery services will be able to find the right upholstery to suit your house. Whether contemporary, classic or both, Edgeworks Re-Upholstery has what you need.

Templestowe Re-Upholstery Service

Edgeworks understands that everyone is individual, and has the flexibility to accommodate many different tastes and styles to suit your Templestowe home. We are committed to work with you from the beginning to help you get what you want out of your re-upholstery project. From the Yarra River to King Street or Victoria Street to Blackburn Road, Edgeworks Upholstery re-upholstery service can give your furniture the much needed face lift you were thinking of.

For all your re-upholstery needs in Templestowe, contact Edgeworks Upholstery on 03 0435 5994, or click here to email us on our contact form page.