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Doncaster Re-Upholstery

Doncaster, home to Australia’s largest shopping centre, is just one of the many areas Edgeworks Upholstery offers its re-upholstery services. When you feel your furniture needs updating, instead of going to the mall to buy new furniture first contact Edgeworks Upholstery to get your old furniture re-upholstered at a fraction of the cost. Edgeworks Upholstery have 12 years of experience in the re-upholstery business around Doncaster and know the amount of care required to restore your most prized pieces of furniture to its former glory or completely transform it into something special.

Re-Upholstery Services in Doncaster

If you live in Doncaster, you can trust the experts at Edgeworks Upholstery to refurbish and freshen up your furniture. We are able to help you with all your  re-upholstery needs, from a simple change of upholstery or complete transformation. From Koonung to Ruffey Creek, Doncaster residents are in good hands with the craftsmanship, expertise and our very high standard of detail that Edgeworks Upholstery's re-upholstery services provide.


If you need furniture re-upholstery in Doncaster, contact Edgeworks Upholstery on 03 0435 5994, or click here to send us an email via our contact form.